Balumuka – spreading Angolan culture!

What is Kizomba? Semba? Rebita? Where do these dances come from? How did they take their current shape and form? And how to learn them?

Balumuka gives you a window to that world with its fourth edition of the Balumuka Prague Kizomba Festival, taking place this Autumn in Prague between the 11th and the 16th of November 2015.

“Balumuka is not just about knowing more about Kizomba. It is also about giving you an amazing cultural experience and knowledge of Angola.” Balumuka, which in the Angolese Kimbundu language means ‘confusion’, will shed light on kizomba and other Angolan rhythms, as well as the culture around these…


Moving away from the more traditional structure of dance-workshops-followed-by-dance-socials festivals, the Prague Kizomba Festival will give you a taste of authentic Angolan culture through an interesting mix of experiences… here is what Balumuka has on the menu for this year’s edition:

Dance Workshops and Master Classes – Our festival above all else seeks to enlighten you of the culture of Angola – the birthplace of KIZOMBA. Learn the different rhythms, cultural roots and basic principles of Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro and other dances!

African Fashion Gala Night – Fashion and Kizomba dance beget one another. Balumuka will hence proudly present a glorious fashion show with new and talented fashion designer Cecily Habimana, in a visual spectacle dedicated to African Woman.

DJ and musicality workshop – To be a good dancer, it is important to understand the music. This workshop is a perfect class for those who want to learn more about the specifics of Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro and other Angolan rhythms, and for everyone who would like to understand the basic concepts of mixing and Dj’ing techniques.

Balumuka Film Day – This year for the first time, the Prague Kizomba Festival will inaugurate its African movies screening. We invite you to watch the best African movies and get to know more about Angolan and African culture and everyday life from the most talented and renowned directors and actors!

Full Pass – 95€ Single (book by October), 120€ Single (book by November). To book your full single, couple or party pass, or to make an enquiry about the festival, please contact or visit

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