Croatian Summer Salsa Festival Review

Let’s dance.

The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, along with its opening act, the Summer Sensual Days, constitute one of the most memorable Latin dance marathons you could dream of.

With thirteen nights of dancing back to back, and nearly as many full days of workshops, the irresistible town of Rovinj will take you through hours of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk and Chachacha from breakfast time until almost breakfast time again…

The exact numbers of days can be debated, measured, or disputed, but at the core, you will be facing two separate weeks which are in a way both the same, and yet, quite different.

The first week, your soul will be subjugated by a focus on Bachata and Kizomba. Yes, there will be a bit of everything, but if someone tells you they are only coming for the first week, then you will know where their heart lies. The sensuality can be overwhelming, for the dancers move as smoothly as the music plays. Yet beginners are welcome and cared for. The sensual days is a private party, it is home, it is love, and you can taste it every day.

The second week is the serious stuff. This is Salsa (and more). You thought there were a lot of people on the first week? You will not believe the second. Even if it isn’t the largest festival in the world (yet), in a small town like Rovinj, the city will quickly convert to the rhythms of the clave, and sound more like Puerto Rico than Puerto Rico itself.

Every other person in the street will be a fellow dancer. Professional artists and beginners will mingle like vacationers staying at the same resort. And overall, that is what the SSD/CCSF is. A vacation.

In the swarm of three day weekend festivals, where a couple nights of sleep are sacrificed for an intense sprint through dance floors, Rovinj will be a marathon. Thirteen days and nights is not something you rush through. Maybe you will focus on workshops and nap through the afternoons. Maybe you will skip the classes altogether so that you can enjoy the beach and pool parties and still handle the night’s dancing.

What is sure is that you will spend two weeks of vacation, with music in your heart, and sun on your skin. So, take the time off from work and join the party.

Stroll through the old town. Try the Honey Grappa. Dine on oversized fiorentinas, incredible goat cheese, or delicious seafood. Ride a jet-ski, a bicycle or a segway. Do any and every good thing that a beach town can offer you. Go to the boat parties. Go to the vieyard party. Go to the boat parties. Go to the beach parties. Go to the pool parties. Oh, and did I mention the boat parties? And when the sun has set, and you’ve recovered a bit of energy, put on your best shoes and dance the nights through with people from all over the world.

Rovinj will make you taste music not like an addiction, but like there is no other way to live your life. And, quite frankly, is there?

By Jean-Frédéric Boisdet.


2 thoughts on “Croatian Summer Salsa Festival Review

  • October 26, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    I go to the festival almost every year and I must say it is a great one, will not miss 2016. I also recommend taking a few days off outside the festival to explore Croatia a bit more because it is such a beautiful country!

  • November 2, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Interesting! Never tried it yet! Might do this year, wanna try the honey grappa!


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