Sadler’s Wells Sampled; a celebration of dance

Sampled is Sadler’s Wells’ annual dance taster festival, bringing a concoction of dance styles to the public.

In one evening, audiences have the exceptional chance to experience the different worlds of ballet, breakdancing, tango, tap dance, flamenco, hip hop and contemporary.

But that’s not all. Within each of these dance niches, modern twists and innovative coups are given free rein, bringing fresh interpretations to traditional art forms. It’s a dance feast.

Dotdotdot dance brings flamenco to a contemporary context in I come to my body as a question, accompanied by beautiful live guitar and flamenco singing.

In Still, Russell Maliphant Company fuses contemporary with a ritualistic approach, to explore movement-light relationships.

Russell Malipahnt Co_Still Current_photo by Hugo Glendinning_

Tango World Champions Julia Hiriart Urruty and Claudio González break all boundaries by proposing a tango piece that defies all expectations, La otra cara de la Moneda – by disguising into overweight dancers, the statement is clear: dance is for everyone.

In Boards & Chains, an excerpt from the larger work ETM: Double Down, Dorrance Dance uses the floor as an instrument and tap dance rhythms as melody.

In an extract from Bayadère – The Ninth Life, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance’s orientalist narrative is beautifully illustrated in a reimagination of Petipa’s La Bayadère.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance in Bayadere - The Ninth Life photo Bill Cooper.jpg_

Sinestesia, by Iron Skulls Co, plays with light, sound, stage and even the audience to create a post-apocalyptic world where experimental dance brings the survivors to safety.

Northern Ballet, one of UK’s leading ballet companies, paints a sensational picture of Casanova, in an extract transporting spectators to decadent 18th century Venice.

Each of these performances hence offer a window into the world of a specific dance tradition, and at the same time, creative freedom and experimentation pervade throughout.

Farah Hesdin


Following its London run, Sampled will be touring to The Lowry, Salford Quays and Birmingham (24 & 25 Feb 2017) and the Birmingham Hippodrome (3 & 4 March 2017) under the title Dance: Sampled. The tour is part of The Movement, a new producing partnership with the aforementioned venues. Supported by Arts Council England, The Movement aims to nurture talent and increase audiences for dance

Tickets for Dance: Sampled are available from the Lowry Box Office at 0843 208 6000 or via their website (, and at the Birmingham Hippodrome Box Office at 0844 338 5000 or via their website (


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