Tango Fire; the seductive game of Argentinian Tango

Germán Cornejo’s Tango Fire makes one thing clear: Tango is the language of passion.

Sensual femininity and virile masculinity are the stars of the show. Tango is the beautiful vehicle that connects the two, turning 5 couples into a breathtaking showcase of love, desire and seduction.

Orchestrated by the sublime Quarteto Fuego, the powerful music of Tango masters like Piazzolla, Pugliese and Laurenz permeates throughout the performance.

The enchanting poetry, made alive by singer Jesus Hidalgo, is sweetness to the soul.

And the dancing… the dancing is so spectacular it literately takes your breath away, as we witness first-rate talent unravelling a lifetime of devotion, passion and servitude to the Tango.

Legs intertwine restlessly, bodies fly audaciously, arms undulate gracefully, long hair flow in the air and costumes glitter; the spectacle is heart-stopping.

German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi

As interludes of music allow the dancers to regain some breath, so must we to prepare for the next thread of high-intensity works of art.

Cornejo is the maestro behind the flawless choreography, but within his chef-d’oeuvre are pockets of individualized choreographies too – each couple presents a personalized piece, showing off their unique bravura.

And if you look just a bit closer, beyond the ladies’ suggestive attire and the men’s sturdy poise, you’ll perceive a glimpse of the story of Tango itself.

Traditional styles such as the Milonga and Tango Clasico are followed by acrobatic, showbiz pieces with the likes of Tango Moderno and Tango Cabaret.

German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi

Through this cluster of styles, Tango Fire recreates, albeit in a thunderbolt, the incredible journey that Tango has made from Río de la Plata’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods to the world’s finest stages.

Tango, today part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, is a legacy that has fed on both the traditional and modern, and Tango Fire epitomizes its glory splendidly.

The show is a masterpiece of sensuality, elegance and calibre. It truly sets the stage on fire – you will be swept off your feet.

Catch Tango Fire at the Peacock, London, 31 Jan – 18 Feb 2017

Farah Hesdin

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